Listen up

Conversations to start a cultural revolution
with filmmaker, musician and activist, Anthony Ash Brennan.

Politics, Music, Art, Sport & Culture. Anthony ‘Ash’ Brennan is an Australian filmmaker. Ash was raised in Sydney’s western suburbs, a blue-collar, multicultural environment which would shape his views on everything from music to social justice. During the 1980s and 1990s, Ash spent his days working at Network Ten in Sydney, while moonlighting as a musician in several popular hard-rock bands. His combined music and television skills led to him becoming a Senior Producer with MTV Australia and producing, shooting and editing music videos for numerous bands. 

Ash honed his storytelling and filmmaking skills by producing, directing and editing short films such as ‘The Conlon’ and ‘Getting Real’. Influenced by the legendary documentarian, John Pilger, in more recent years Ash has started creating political content. He is a passionate supporter of Australian Indigenous rights and works with the indigenous community, telling their stories through his lens.